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Makayla Couture (She/Her) is a Black Trans Drag Queen, dancer, actress and multidisciplinary artist. She is a trained classical, contemporary, and musical stage performer, with her Drag being focused on being authentically Black with an homage to old-glam Hollywood. She is dedicated to ensuring that her Drag can represent every Black boy or girl who has felt out of place or odd. As a member of the Jane-Finch community, Makayla is passionate about bringing arts-based programming to youth. Whenever she is not performing or producing her next project, she supports as a Creative Director on the Flaunt It Movement's Core Team.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Makayla grew up in the Jane and Finch area, where she found her passion for community activism and performing arts. While unable to afford theatre and dance classes, Makayla began to teach herself by mimicking choreography on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the stars.

Later, Makayla trained in Earl Haig Secondary School's Claude Watson Secondary Arts Program as a Theatre Major. During her time in the program, Makayla took part in as many arts-related opportunities as she knew this was her life duty. While finding her footing after graduation, Makayla looked to performing and modelling as her way to express herself and eventually then turned to drag. Through her performing arts knowledge, Makayla began performing and producing virtual drag performances with the support of her team at Flaunt-It. As she continues to produce virtual shows to showcase her talents, she eventually was invited to her first in-person performance at Canada's largest outdoor drag show, Playdate at Rendez-Vous, hosted by Tiffany Box! Since the summer of 2021, Makayla has been rapidly growing as a drag performer who is always interested in exploring her versatility.

While she is incredibly young, Makayla has become a household name amongst the queer community for turning looks, having a charismatic personality, and incredible choreography. Once you get a glimpse of her, you never want to turn away.

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